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1. Only riders who have booked will be allowed to ride the course.
2. All riders must sign in and pay at the office before riding the course, and sign out before leaving.
3. Riders and spectators must stay on the course outlined on the map in the office (individual maps available).
4. Riders must only jump fences in the direction indicated (red flag to the right), fences with no flags can be jumped from either direction.
5. No dogs allowed on any part of the course.
6. The Management accepts no responsibility for loss or damage of tack whilst on the premises.
7. The Management accepts no responsibility for loss or damage of vehicles whilst on the premises.
8. The minimum age of riders will be Fourteen years old, unless part of a supervised class.
9. The minimum age of horse using the course will be four years old.
10. The maximum number of people riding as a group will be four, unless part of a supervised class.
11. Riders under the age of eighteen, attending the course for the first time, must be accompanied by an adult who is competent to assess the ability of the rider and horse to tackle the course.
12. All riders must wear approved body protection and hard hats while on the course.
13. No solo riders. Riders must be accompanied by another rider, a person on foot or someone who will wait at the office and call for assistance if the rider is not back within a reasonable time.
14. It is recommended that all riders/groups of riders should take a mobile phone with them when on the course. An emergency telephone number is available in the office.
15. Riders must be courteous to other users of the course.
16. Riders must be courteous to members of the public using the bridleway.
17. Riders must be aware of and take all reasonable precautions when crossing the main road.
18. Riders must report any shoes lost on the course when signing out.
19. Riders must report any damage caused or witnessed when signing out.
20. Any rider witnessing an accident must report it immediately, and complete a witness statement if required.
21. Any rider involved in an accident must report it when signing out and complete an accident form.
22. The management has the right to close the course as and when it deems necessary.
23. The management reserves the right to refuse admission to any person from using the course.
24. Every reasonable precaution has been taken to ensure health and safety of riders and horses using the course. For these measures to be effective, all users must observe warning signs and take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents to themselves and others.